In MDG, we pride ourselves on being able to choose peeps of quality to place them in officer positions for the betterment of our little community, but every now and then, we get people who put up a great front and present themselves as having the caliber of personality we search for to become part of our team.

A leopard can't change its spots though, and eventually their true colors show. This is why the last few posts were about weasels and vigilance against those who would seek to destroy what we've worked so hard to build.

So THIS post is about what happens when we DO get someone who comes along and thinks they can just sabotage us or put us in our place, just because they have something to prove or they think they need to show us who's boss!

FIRST, you have your weasels. Remember the weasel on the woodpecker's back? Weasels in MDG are those who attach themselves to us by joining our ranks and then doing whatever they can (or nothing at all) to compromise the integrity of our operations (the way we do what we do).

Once found, we can dispel the offender(s) and engage in some healthy damage control. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE PANIC MESSAGES telling people to block comms or reporting that they've poached an exaggerated number of people from the squad on their way out.

...because, that's where the term bottom feeder comes in. Basically, POACHERS are BOTTOM FEEDERS.... and bottom feeders have a purpose as well! Just so we're clear here, let me first point out that bottom feeders eat just one thing. To sum it up, let's take a lesson from some stars of the hit movie, Finding Nemo:

So Yeah....

Bottom feeders DO serve a purpose! They're gonna clear the waste and refuse out of our little tank, meaning those who fail at cohesion or simply just can't follow rules.


Simply put, if every squad was an aquarium, it should be squeaky clean. Care for the peeps around you. Let them KNOW they mean something to us, that they are a part of our family!!!!

If the drama factor stays low, and people feel valued, your tank (squad) won't look like this:

...annnnnd those bottom feeders will just MOVE ON, because there's nothing there for them to suck up!!!


Let's work together to make this happen. 

...because IF you are worried about weasels and bottom feeders, it's possible YOU'RE not doing YOUR PART to help keep OUR tank clean.

Are you?

WE are!!!!

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