COUGAR IS MDG posted Mon at 23:23

How's YOUR squad looking? Remember that squeaky clean tank from the last post? Well....

We can't have a squeaky clean tank ALL the time, right!? I mean, it takes a little bit o'work to keep things that spotless, and let's be honest... this isn't Better Homes and Gardens.

But let's talk about structure for a moment. The last few posts had to do with MDG's INTEGRITY, and moral integrity is pretty important!

However, THIS post has to do with STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY...

You know: weak link and all that? 

Here's a visual to help follow along with the concept I'm throwing out on the table for your consideration:

Let's pretend for a second that MDG is the community of fish that are inside that net. Further, let's consider that the net itself is MDG's STRUCTURE.

That's right! The militarized structure that we adhere to which makes all things possible (including the capability to follow chain of command and the NECESSITY to enforce the by-laws and Code of Conduct) is what gives Modern Day Gaming the ability to THRIVE AS A COMMUNITY!!!

But here's the thing...

We can only be as successful as our weakest knot in that net! Otherwise, something looking for a quick and easy meal comes along and wha la! DINNER IS ON US! ...and it'll go quick! As fast as recruiters can add to our little family, you can see the whale shark is sucking them out even faster!

So, take a look at YOUR squad, its officers, its teams and team leaders! Most importantly, take a GOOD, LONG, HARD LOOK AT YOURSELF!

...because YOU (YES! YOU!!!) are one of those knots that make up the net in the above example, NO MATTER WHAT YOUR RANK IS!

After all, an EFFECTIVE leader must have the ability to assess their strengths AND evaluate their weaknesses and (being honest with themselves) seek a way to improve their performance because other people are DEPENDING on them.

MDG... YOUR community is depending on YOU! So strengthen up those knots, then help a peer strengthen theirs!